Monday, July 20, 2009

Quarter-Life Crisis Management: Revisions, Analysis and Sufjan Stevens

So I’ve admittedly been delinquent in writing, posting, listing, etc. This is because of a sudden (but not entirely unexpected) surge in quarter-life-crisis-related panic that essentially frapped me in the face. And yes, I feel “frap” is the only adequate verb that can be used in instances of assault by your quarter-life crisis, especially given the vulgar nature of quarter life crises in general.

The only solution was some “Walden”-esque (minus the pond, minus the cabin, minus the musings on colonial sociology, plus one box of incense and entirely too much Sufjan Stevens) sequestering of myself and abstaining from outside influences, which included blogs, Facebook and any printed or digital periodicals save for the food section of New York magazine.

Reality is that after the dizzying, wide-eyed declaration of independence that was the original moving out on my own, I eventually had to, and will continue to have to, take stock of the aftermath, and no one should have to read through those details (they’re far less interesting than
breaking world records).

I also had to admit that the latest revision of
The Hitch List, though jam-packed with items ripe with episodic entertainment potential, were straying from the original purpose of reclaiming personal identity, learning to stand in solidarity and practicing to be the best lover/mate possible. Like tribal lower-back tattoos, the last shot of Jager or drunk-texting that dude who disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle after you finally went down on him, some things sound like a good idea when you’re being drunkenly egged on by a collection of intoxicated female wingmen and gay male roommates…until you wake up two days later.

So a little revising was in order. Yes, the hotly debated #25 will be adjusted (Ethnic Sexcapades Bingo will not, despite the fact that I am already losing miserably to two far-more competitive and apparently worldly friends).

The coming week will also bring adventures in wingmanning, interesting developments from pseudo-lover-almost-fiance-not-quite-sure-what-the-status-is-now
Alex’s Hitch List and a careful evaluation of some action over at 20-Nothings, where friend and uber-observant blogger Jessie Rosen is examining a subject which is the very basis of this blog (I agree with most, but not all of, her analysis, for very obvious reasons).
In the meantime, as Sufjan says, all things go.


Erin said...

I will be very interested to read your retort.
And the greatly argued #25 is probably better left off the list. I don't think doing something that will definitely hurt another person on purpose can bring good things to you (knowledge or karma wise).

ConfessionsOfMyConfusion said...

That damn life-frapping... ;)