Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde: The Hater Caper Continues

So the “Hater” issue I last posted about has unfolded further into the craziest shit I’ve ever experienced.

Brief Recap:
Two weeks ago, I blogged about a bad Dr. experience and misdiagnosis, and the very hot doctor who gave me the RIGHT diagnosis and made me feel all tingly. I posted, went about the business of getting healthy, and called it a day.

Then, the weirdness started: first was a series of anonymous comments following The Herp blog post saying that I was a liar, a vindictive mental patient who had never seen the doctor who misdiagnosed me, and that I had “herpes of the brain.” It also claimed that the doctor who gave me the correct diagnosis was “not board certified.”

Next came another series of anonymous posts revealing my FULL, real name in the comments section of this blog. I took the comments with my name in them down immediately and called it a day again, assuming it was some disgruntled ex. I was a little concerned about who had this info, WHY they were posting it and why they were so angry, because I’ve never had any major enemies (at least not ones who lashed out like 5th grade girls a la email harassment and anonymous threats). Add in weird phone calls my parents were getting at their residence asking for information about me (which of course they didn't give out) shake, serve over ice with side of crazy.

Then, today:

My PARENTS (who I do not live with) received a phone call FROM THE ORIGINAL DOCTOR himself saying that if I did not take down the blog post involving him, HE WOULD SUE US, and that my parents should pass along that warning to me. He claimed he had learned about my blog post via “a patient of his.”

Since this blog is written under a pseudonym, one I did not use at the doctor’s office when I signed in because DUH, people don’t use pseudonyms when they’re NOT writing, that means:

He or someone in his staff went through their medical records, looked up the last chick diagnosed with “nose herpes” (and I can’t imagine there were many, considering how rare “nose herpes” is), found my real name, posted it on this blog, and is now using my personal records to call my family and threaten them.


So my options are to:

A: Take down the blog post about him. Pretend nothing ever happened. Let a doctor who took a Hippocratic oath not to divulge confidential patient information harass and threaten me and my family via our phone and my blog.


B: Point out that by going into a patient’s private files, posting their full legal name on their blog using confidential medical files as a source, and THEN using said files to call a person’s family and threaten them is not only criminal harassment, but childish and bordering on insane. And also maybe mention that there is medical documentation that he gave the wrong diagnosis, so saying “Hey, sorry, but you were wrong, I didn’t have nose herpes,” isn’t a lie or slander….it’s just the truth.

PS: A grown man, a doctor with an established practice, wants to sue and threaten a twentysomething girl who makes about $12 an hour and ate rice two out of three meals today because she can’t afford groceries? I can’t even wrap my head around that.

So, clearly, I’m choosing B.

(PS: If I’m suddenly killed or kidnapped, this blog suddenly goes silent, or you see any other signs that I've been violently removed from the world of blogging, I request that one of you readers please let the NYPD that there’s someone out there with a motive, and then refer them to this blog as documentation of my last days.)

I can totally understand being pissed someone underminded your authority….though, had he done a better job initially there never would have been a Herp blog post to begin with. And, had the scary-cyber-stalker-harrassment not started, anyone who DOES read this blog would have forgotten about him a long time ago while I went on detailing some epic wingmanning (happened recently, and it was awesome) and general Hitch Listing. Instead, they're reading this. But I digress…

Craziest thing ever.

It’s moments like these I wish I’d never moved out on my own and had stayed in my nice, safe, insulated little bubble in suburbia where shit like this doesn’t happen.

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RdGarnet said...

"DR."? to me it seems like a bored 12yr old playing games. He is not worthy to have the title of being a doctor. Maybe douche bag, MR. PRICK. How low he's acting. He should be saying lives instead of trash talking blogs. It seems like he has now life. Sorry to hear all of this. Tsk, tsk. Its serioulsy Repulsing. Then posting Anonymous? Ha! its definitely a kid.

RdGarnet said...

"DR."? to me it seems like a bored 12yr old playing games. He is not worthy to have the title of being a doctor. Maybe douche bag, MR. PRICK. How low he's acting. He should be saying lives instead of trash talking blogs. It seems like he has now life. Sorry to hear all of this. Tsk, tsk. Its serioulsy Repulsing. Then posting Anonymous? Ha! its definitely a kid.

skaboy069 said...

you crazy bitch. loves. it.

whose baby is this.

NNL said...

I have never read about anything more hilarious or more ridiculous! Lmao. Please get a body guard.

inflammatory writ said...

You should contact an attorney. He is violating every HIPAA law in the book. Sue his ass for revealing your private medical information. Sue his ass hard.

And Dear Doctor Dickface - grow a pair of balls, stop being such a pussy, and maybe get better at your job instead of harassing young women on the internet, you sniveling, short dick piece of trash.

inflammatory writ said...

Additionally, it is highly possible that your doctor did not google "nose herpes" and find you. It is possible that this doctor became fixated on you and spent a wanktastic night of internet stalking looking for you by googling your real name. Now, I know you write under a pseudonym (as do I), but I promise you, if someone really wants to find you, they will.

Keep every bit of evidence on this you have and get a lawyer. Pronto. And a restraining order.

sandra said...

Polly or Kate or whatever name you choose
It is hilarious. It is 3 of your colleagues that are following your blogs, not one. Of course, the guy would not marry you, you are a nut case just like you were always were. It is me who exposed you just your real name on line because you always talked behind my back. You always assume things, and harass people. You were always a psychopath. It is me who called these 2 doctors, pretending to be a patient and told the that you want to have sex with one of them and you are trashing the other. I really couldn't care less about you or your fucking doctors. I am glad to see that one is going against you with a lawsuit for slander. I love it.
In the mean time, I'm also posting your name on sex website for you to enjoy some sex as well.
Enjoy, I' m watchig all your blogs with the other girls ans see what more to come.

sandra said...


Independently Dependent said...

DUDE! You have GOT to be kidding me! This just goes to show that his medical practice is obviously suffering from prior misdiagnoses...Get a lawyer, and get this guy out of the medical community! For the sake of everything in his care!

Also, look into a restraining order...

Polly Syllabick said...


...Anyone wanna take a wild guess who "Sandra" might actually be? Or point out the various holes in that story?


ConfessionsOfMyConfusion said...

Jesus, Sandra... you need help! How could anyone think stalking and threatening is okay? Obviously you lost your mind somewhere along the line!

I'm so sorry Polly... this is definitely insanity!

Polly Syllabick said...

See, Confessions, the thing about "Sandra" is....I don't have any female colleagues save for a boss. Nor are there enough people in contact w/ me professionally for it to be "3 colleagues."

Sounds like "Sandra" should have thought of a better story before he tried to cover his ass?

ND said...

Your nose herpes drama amazes me. While I sympathized with the original story, I did laugh my ass off at some of the descriptions. I am absolutely amazed by the audacity of your hater and the crass violation of HIPPA. I wish I knew a lawyer in the city so I could hook you up, because this case is going to be phenomenal.

PS: Better keep up a regular posting so we don't all report the hater caper to the cops! :P

ConfessionsOfMyConfusion said...

I can honestly say I'm beginning to worry...